Youth Protection Policy

Pearl Abyss (Pearl Abyss Corp., Pearl Abyss Taiwan Corp., Pearl Abyss H.K. Limited. and Pearl Abyss America, Inc., Pearl Abyss JP Co., Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Pearl Abyss or the Company”) implements the Youth Protection Policy on the basis of related laws to protect adolescents from information harmful to youth and to help the healthy internet use. 


1. Establishment of youth protection and management plans for healthy game use 

• If required by relevant laws, the Company shall establish and operate youth protection plans so that adolescents do not be exposed to harmful information. 


1) Verification of real name and age and identity verification 

In order to prevent adolescents from using any game that does not fit their age level or exposed to harmful media, the Company shall go through the identity verification process such as real name and age verification and self-authentication in providing other services that require age verification. 


2) Youth access restriction and management measures to harmful information 

The Company operates a filtering system to protect adolescents from unhealthy language such as abusive language and uninterrupted language, and seeks for preventive measures to prevent information harmful to youth from being exposed. 


3) Implementation of adolescent harmful information monitoring 

The Company conducts 24-hour monitoring to protect adolescents from unhealthy information. 



2. Training the staff in charge of work in order to protect adolescents from harmful information 

• The Company is educating the staff in charge of youth protection as well as each service on laws related to youth protection and measures to take upon discovery of harmful information, the reporting procedure for handling violation, and etc. 



3. Consultation and Adjustment of Damage and Grievances due to Harmful Information 

• The Company makes its best efforts to protect adolescents from harmful information. The Company provides a window for consulting damage and adjusting grievances arising due to harmful information, collecting opinions on youth protection and handling complaints. 

- Customer Center: 1661 - 8572 

- E-mail: 


4. Compliance with the Code of Ethics for Youth 

• The Company complies with the Internet Business Code of Ethics for Youth Protection and the Practice Guidelines for the protection of adolescents healthy and upright Internet use. 



5. Designation of Staff in Charge of Youth Protection 

• The Company designates a staff in charge of youth protection to protect adolescents from information harmful to adolescents of a communication network. 




This policy shall enter into force from May 21, 2020.