Pearl Abyss Terms of Service


① These terms and conditions set out the basic rules pertaining to the relationship between the Pearl Abyss Corp. and its affiliated and subsidiary companies (hereinafter “Pearl Abyss” or the “Company”) and the Member use of the services provided (the services pertaining to the Pearl Abyss account, official website services, and the like hereinafter referred to as “Service”).



Right to Revise Terms 

① The Company may amend these Terms of Service to the extent that it does not violate the relevant laws and regulations.

② In the event that the Company amends or revises the agreement, it must specify the date of revision and reasons for revision. A notice regarding the amendment must be made 7 days prior to the actual implementation of the amendment. Members that view the page will be directed to the previous revision until the new revision is applied. However, in the event that there is a large change, the Company must notify its Members 30 days in advance and send an electronic mail to its Members outlining the reasons for amendment and the implementation date. Also, in the event the Member cannot be reached, there will be a notice posted on the website.

③ If the Company has amended the terms of service, the Company must check whether its Members have received and agreed to the revised Terms of Service. If a Member abstains from either accepting or rejecting the amended Terms of Service until the effective date, the Company will acknowledge that the Member agreed to the amended Terms of Service.

④ If a Member does not agree to the amended Terms of Service, the Company or Member may terminate the service agreement.



Ruling Rules

① The Company may have separate Terms and conditions and Operating Policies ('Operational Policies, etc.') for services, and if the contents differ from these terms and conditions, the separate Terms and conditions and Operational Policy etc. shall prevail.

② Any matters not expressly stated in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.



Paid Contents and Cash Policy

① Detailed information regarding the Company’s paid contents and cash services can be found in each of its respective game’s terms of service.



Registration Procedure

① The person who intends to use the website service provided by the Company shall follow the process provided on the official website.

② The Member shall provide all the information required by the Company when applying for the service.

③ The Members shall enter their actual information when filling out the application form. In the event that the Member falsely records their identification information or steals another person's name, the Member shall not claim the Member's rights under this Agreement, and the Company may cancel or terminate the service contract.

④ Minors by the law of each nation, who apply for registration to use the services are considered to have earned the consent of their legal representative. Minors must check the Terms of Service with their legal representative, and the legal representative must be well-informed of the Terms of Service. The legal representative is held fully responsible for the minor’s use of services.

⑤ The Company will not be responsible for any disadvantages that occur when it is found out that a minor pretended to be an adult.



Registration Agreement and Limitations

① The Company will approve the use of services of the Member as long as the information entered during the registration process are true.

② The Company reserves the right to reject the Member’s use of Services, or revoke the use of Services if they were approved previously, if one of the following pertains to the Member.

1. Violated a clause in the “Registration Procedure” article above

2. Registered with the purpose of violating actions restricted by relevant laws

3. Children that registered without the approval of or were not approved by their legal representative

4. Inappropriate use of payment method or when payment method error occurs while using the Service

5. Members that are registering after being restricted for violating any of the terms of service for any of the games

6. When the Company cannot approve due to reasons outside of what is listed above

 The Company can withhold approval as long as any one of the following is true.

1. The Company does not have the capacity in the system or is experiencing technical issues

2. There is an issue with the Service

3. When the Company cannot approve due to reasons outside of what is listed above



Member Account and Password

① The Company grants an account to its Members with a combination of letters, numbers or special characters selected by the Member for the Member’s convenience, such as to protect the Member’s information and to instruct the use of the game services.

② Based on the account information, the Company manages Members including providing all available services.

③ Members must exercise due diligence in managing their own account information. Members are liable for any damages incurred for the Member’s failure to manage his or her account information.

④ Members are responsible for managing their password. A Member is free to change his or her password for security reasons or concerns. However, if requested by the Company, the Member must authenticate himself/herself or submit the identification document requested from the Company.

⑤ Members are encouraged and reminded to change their password on a regular basis. Also, the Company may require Members to change their password for security purposes, such as to protect account information or for urgent matters. Members must change the password at the first access after Company’s request.

⑥ Members must notify the Company of any changes in the account information submitted to the Company by online revision or e-mail, etc. The Company shall not be liable for any disadvantage caused by incorrect information of which the Company was not informed.

⑦ Members may not be required changes to the approved accounts during the game services use period. However, Members must take necessary action if asked by the Company to change the account detail for the following reasons:

1. A situation where a change in account detail is required in order for the Company to more services efficiently to its Member.

2. A situation where Company’s game service and operations are integrated.


3. A situation where the account details need to be changed in accordance with relevant laws or corporate policies.

⑧ When asked to provide information to the Company in accordance with the Terms of Service, the Member shall not provide any fraudulent information.



Protection and Management of Personal Information

① The Company is committed to protecting your personal information to the standard set by relevant laws. Regarding the protection and use of Members’ personal information, the relevant laws and the Privacy Policy of the Company shall apply.

② The Company's Privacy Policy does not apply to links to third-party services in the official website and each game services, excluding certain services provided separately.

③ The Company is not liable for the leak of any information, including the Members’ account information, if it was caused by the Members’ negligence.



Termination of the Terms of Service

① Members can withdraw from the Use of Service Agreement at any time by terminating the following the account deletion process (hereinafter “Account Deletion”).

② The Company reserves the right to solicit the Member for identity confirmation when the Member applies for Account Deletion. The application will be processed accordingly following relevant processes and laws once the Member confirms their identity.

③ The Member’s personal information will be deleted excluding the information the Company is required to store according to the Privacy Policy and relevant laws.

④ The Company reserves the right to reject any Members from re-registering for Services after Account Deletion if the Company sees the need to do so.

⑤ Each of the game services will also be terminated once the Company and Member’s Use of Service Agreement has been terminated. The Company is not liable for the Member being restricted from the game services, unable to use the various currencies, game data, refund, withdraw, and various other drawbacks.



Termination and Deactivation of Membership

① Although the Company does its best to provide Services in a stable manner, it is necessary to discontinue all or part of the Services if there are substantial operational reasons such as maintenance inspection, replacement or failure of information and communication facilities, such as computers and servers, and communication disruptions.

② On the other hand, the Company can modify, change or terminate all or part of its service if there is a significant need to operate or improve its Services. No separate compensation will be made if any or all of the free Services are modified, changed, or terminated.

③ In addition, if it is predictable, It will be notified in advance via the official website. If it is unpredictable or outside the Company's control, the Services can be terminated immediately without prior notice.



Use of the Official Website Service 

① Text, document, picture, voice, video, or any combination of these are called postings. Making postings is a Service available only to Members who have completed Membership by agreeing to these terms and conditions.

② The website service provided to the Member allows them to create and share postings containing information, ideas, and opinions that correspond to various topics.



Posting Regulation

① The Member is responsible for any action that may arise from posting. If a Member is found on the basis of infringement on intellectual property, it may fall under civil or criminal law. If there are financial coverage involved, the user may be eligible to share that burden.

② The Company values the Member's postings and will make best effort to protect their postings from alteration, damage, or deletion. However, the Company may delete or move postings, or refuse to register postings that fall under any of the categories in the “Prohibited and Restricted Posting Table” without a prior notice, and the Company shall not be responsible nor take extra measures for the deleted postings and/or comments.

Prohibited and Restricted Posting Table
1st Delete  Post/Reply -
2nd Delete  Post/Reply Post Ban  (1 day)
3th Delete  Post/Reply Post Ban  (3 days)
4th Delete  Post/Reply Post Ban  (5 days)
5th Delete  Post/Reply Post Ban  (10 days)
6th Delete  Post/Reply Post Ban  (15 days)
7th Delete  Post/Reply Post Ban  (30 days)
“Offensive Posts” pertain to the following actions:

1. Posting a post that contains the following:
- Contains altered information posted by the Company
- Contains profanity, lewd content, or websites
- Contains materially offensive or defamatory contents to other Members or third parties
- Contains offensive content regarding a specific country, ethnicity, region, person, religion, race, gender, disability, etc.
- Distributes or is linked to the contents that violate public order and morals
- Consists of pornographic materials or is linked to a pornographic website
- Damages the reputation or disrupts the business of Company or any other third party
- Related to the sale of Member account, game items, virtual assets, etc.
- Advertising
- Infringes on intellectual property rights such as copyrights of the Company and other third parties
- Violates restrictions from any of the game's Terms of Service and Operating Policies
- Not in accordance with the posting principles prescribed by the Company or the nature of the forum

2. Obstructs the operations of the forums:
- Posting a large number of posts in a short amount of time
- Posting the same content multiple times

※ Any posting with another person’s personal information (personal information, location, contact, e-mail, etc.) may result in an instant permanent ban.

③ Anyone whose legal interests are infringed upon because of the posting, may request the suspension or deletion of the posting according to the relevant laws and procedures established by the customer support. The Company shall take necessary measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.



Naming Regulation

① The Member must not violate any of the following restrictions when selecting nicknames for the website of each game.

1. Using names that impersonates an operator, an employee, or other related persons of the Company

2. Using or including profanity or slang as or part of a name

3. Using names that contain offensive or defamatory contents to other Members or third parties

4. Using names that contain offensive content regarding a specific country, ethnicity, region, person, religion, race, gender, disability, etc.

5. Using names that violate public order and morals


6. Using names that contain sexual or obscene content

7. Using names that infringe on rights of the Company, other Members or third parties including intellectual property rights, such as copyrights etc. of Company

8. Using names related to the sale of Member account, game items, virtual assets, etc.

9. Using specific characters in a form that is difficult to identify and cause confusion to other Members

10. Using names for advertisement purposes

11. Using names that violate restrictions from other Terms of Service and Operating Policies


12. Using names to avoid the above restrictions by partially changing a word or combining other characters

② Violating any of the above stated restrictions may result in the change or deletion of the name without prior notice. If the violation is serious or repeated, the Company will take the necessary measures in accordance with the relevant Terms of Service and Operating Policies of each game.

③ In addition, the Company shall not take extra measures for the changed name of the Member responsible for such violation.



Notice of Restriction and Objection to the Restriction

① The Company reserves the right to restrict the Member’s use of the Services or terminate the Use of Service Agreement depending on the severity of the violation the Member has committed against these Terms of Service.

② If the Company restricts the use of services, the Member shall be notified of the following restriction by e-mail, in-game mail, or on the initial screen of the game: (a) grounds for restriction on the use of the Game Services; (b) type and duration of the restriction; and (c) how to object to the restriction.

③ The Member must submit a written complaint to the Company stating the grounds for objection to the restriction within 15 days from the date of receiving the notice via Support.  The restriction will be immediately lifted by the Company if the Member’s objection is deemed reasonable.

④ Th Member is liable for the management of the safety of the Member’s private information. The Member is prohibited from using an account from a third-party and giving their account to a third-party. The Member and the pertaining account will be restricted if found to be violating these Terms of Service while the account was being shared.



Trademark and Intellectual Property Right

① The Company owns all contents within the game and other intellectual property rights. This includes text, data, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, video clips and links, but not limited to all website materials are used in accordance with the ownership, control, license or permission from the Company copyrights, trademarks and others, which are protected by intellectual property rights.

② The content serviced on the website is for personal and non-commercial use. A Member must receive confirmation from the Company in order to copy, re-create, re-post, edit, upload, post, transfer or distribute any other content including for e-mail means.

③ A Member may only use, download or save the content serviced on the website for only personal or non-commercial use.




① If the Company causes loss to Members intentionally or through gross negligence, the Company shall be liable for their damages.

② If Member causes loss to the Company by violating the Terms of Service, the Member shall pay the damages to the Company.



Notice to Members

① The Company may notify a Member via e-mail or text message (LMS/SMS) designated by the Member, and other forms of contact such as in-game pop-up message, mail, etc unless otherwise stipulated in the Terms of Service.

② To the extent permitted by law, the Company may notify a Member by posting a notice on the Company's initial page of the Game Service or each individual game site or by displaying a pop-up message for at least seven (7) days.



Handling of Complaints and Disputes

① The Company guides the website service on how to present the Members' opinions or complaints in consideration of the convenience of the Members. The Company operates a dedicated staff to handle the opinions or complaints of such Members.

② If the opinions or complaints raised by the Members are objectively recognized as legitimate, the Company shall promptly deal with them within a reasonable period. However, in the event of prolonged processing, the Members are to be notified of the reasons and schedule required for a long period of time in the game service or are to be notified in accordance with [Notice to Members] from this Terms of Service.

③ In the event of a dispute between the Company and its Members that is handled by a third party arbitration body, the Company may faithfully demonstrate to the Members the measures taken, including restriction of use, and follow the adjustment of the third party arbitration body.



Governing Law and Jurisdiction

① This Terms of Service and Use of Service Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea.

② If some content of these Terms of Service is deemed ineffective in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and other relevant laws, the rest of the content will still be in effect.

③ The court designated through the procedures of relevant laws and regulations will be the competent court for all disputes arising from or related to these Terms of Service and use of services.



Additional Clause

This Agreement is in effect as of May 25, 2022.