New Continent

Land of the Morning Light (BI) Land of the Morning Light (BI) Land of the Morning Light (BI)

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Land of the Morning Light

New Continent

Discover a land steeped in legend and myth, far beyond the horizon

Explore vibrant terrain and distinct architecture that exudes a traditional Korean ambiance. Dive into eight non-linear questlines, inspired by Korean folklore. Embark on your adventure in this new region as a starting point from level 1!

Uncover the Mysteries

Face never-before-seen, powerful foes, and carve out your own legend

Experience thrilling combat with ten unique bosses, inspired by Korean folktales, in a new challenge mode: Boss Blitz – with battle mechanics that scale to customizable difficulty levels. Obtain materials and craft top-tier gear, crystals, ship, and more. Delve into life skill content like never before with the new sniper rifle and minigames.

Season Servers

Your fast track to leveling and gearing up!

Jumpstart your adventure on our season servers for boosted EXP and faster progression! You'll get an exclusive Season Pass loaded with tons of rewards to get you going!

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